Keen vs. Kasamba: Finding the Right Psychic Reading Site

Sarah Pritzker
Keen vs Kasamba
Often in life, we need some direction, clarity, or guidance to help us weather the stormy patches and answer the questions that no one else seems able to. For various reasons, millions of people turn to psychic reading sites for their expertise in finding the solutions to life’s nagging problems.

But, there are so many counterfeit services available online, how can you sift through the charlatans from the ones with real talent? That’s what this review is all about.

Keen and Kasamba are both reputable psychic reading services that started in 1999. While both are a sort of marketplace for readers, offering hundreds of advisors to help guide users through life’s challenges, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Today, we are going to compare the two sites so you can decide which one is the better fit for you.

At a Glance

Keen has the largest network of psychic advisors, so customers of any personality, penchant, and preference can find what they're looking for within the mix. With a good introductory offer and some outstanding talent, Keen makes for healthy competition to Kasamba and the rest of the psychic community.

With a user base of 2 million, Kasamba has an excellent standing in the psychic advisor community. It has one of the widest assortments of services available within the field, making it possible for customers to find exactly the medium or psychic reading they are searching for. Along with mobile accessibility, a smooth user experience, and tons of online user reviews, Kasamba has a lot going for it.

Keen Benefits

  • Tremendous psychic advisor network
  • Phone counseling available
  • Good profiles for accurate advisor information


  • Insufficient screening of advisors, so no quality control

Kasamba Benefits

  • Wide range of guidance choices
  • Competitive rates
  • Reputable parent company, LivePerson


  • No phone chat available

Now, let’s see how they hold up in a head-to-head competition.


Special Offer
10 minutes for $1.99
3 minutes free and 50% off first session

Both Kasamba and Keen's pricing plans are based on the individual psychic's discretion so that you will get a wide range of pricing options. Kasamba has a nice feature that highlights a different psychic each month who is running a discount on their service for that time. For example, at the time of the writing, the featured psychic was offering a 25% discount on his services.

Kasamba allows advisors to choose a fee anywhere from $1.99-$20 per minute, with more experienced advisors obviously charging more for their services. Most of the advisors on the network charge a middle-ground fee. Keen has a lower range than Kasamba—from $1.99-$6.99—so if pricing is your guide, go with this service.

The thing that puts Kasamba in the lead here is its 3-minute free offer. It doesn’t just apply to your first 3 minutes only, but rather, the first 3 minutes for each advisor you try. This way you don’t waste time finding the right advisor. You can test drive a variety of psychics and only pay once you find the one that's your perfect match. That's an amazing offer.

Winner: Kasamba

Kasamba Kasamba Visit Site


Keen psychics are available via phone or chat messaging, while Kasamba is mainly chat-based (there are a few advisors who offer phone sessions, but not many). This site also has an feature that allows you to connect to your advisor by sending a private email and receiving a response through the same medium. Some people prefer this method, though it feels less connected than other options.

The instant chat function allows you to see a record of previous chat sessions with your advisors so you can go back and review it in the future. Keen has more communication venues, although Kasamba has more of a selection of languages to choose from. For the majority of users, the phone option outweighs the language selection.

App/Mobile Site

Kasamba is available on all mobile devices including tablets such as iPads and Android with OS 4.4 or higher. The mobile phone app is available for iOS and Android devices, as well. Kasamba’s app offers notifications when advisors are available, a built-in messaging service, and a clean, smooth interface to work with.

Keen also has a great mobile app that’s available in both app stores, so you’re not limited to where you can go or what you can do even on mobile. The app also has free personalized daily horoscopes, arrange call times, and favorite advisor functions. The features on the Keen app are slightly more involved and user-friendly, but just by a notch.

Winner: Keen

Keen Keen Visit Site

Services Offered

Offered services is one area that Kasamba certainly pulls ahead of the competition. Keen has a lot of variety because it hosts so many different types of advisors, but the assortment of specialty skills that Kasamba boasts is incomparable. With a Keen psychic advisor, you can get readings in areas such as online tarot card reading, astrology, love and romance prediction, auric energy fields and life questions.

Even with the interesting categories available to Keen members, Kasamba still takes the cake. It has the most assorted selection of psychic readers of any site we’ve seen so far, covering topics and mediums from every corner of the spectrum. Some of its unique specialties include love psychics, dream analysis, areer forecasts, palm reading, feng shui, paranormal readings including ghosts, precognition, parapsychology, and poltergeists, alchemy, and spell casting. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, you’ll definitely find your savant here.

Winner: Kasamba

Kasamba Kasamba Visit Site

Psychic Advisor Selection

Finding a psychic is extremely easy on Kasamba. You can browse the psychic directory that’s listed alphabetically or via type of reading category. Kasamba’s category breakdown is easy to follow, so you can find readers that specialize in your exact style or subject of choice.

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, browse the psychic reader profiles to give you even more clarity as to what each one is about. There are user ratings and reviews, specialties, a brief bio, and the reader’s fees and any discounts available clearly stated on the profile page.

Keen also has a good filter and search system, but the problem with its profiles is that they aren’t very well organized or vetted for errors. For example, some psychic advisors will be listed multiple times under different names, making it hard to find the advisor you’re searching for. Additionally, since advisors populate most of the information on their profiles themselves, things like font size and colors can make it hard to read the actual information.

Winner: Kasamba

Kasamba Kasamba Visit Site

Customer Support

Keen has a lot to offer customers in need of assistance. There is an FAQ section and a database of articles and blogs to read through for more information and troubleshooting help. Members can also fill out an online contact form, or call the 800 number to speak with a service representative.

Kasamba also has an extensive online support system for customers. This includes an in-depth FAQ section that’s fully searchable for finding all the right answers quickly and easily and online chat function. However, the fact that it offers no telephone support is atypical in our modern society. There are so many issues that could be resolved quickly and easily with a simple phone call. This lack puts Kasamba at a disadvantage in this category.

Winner: Keen

Keen Keen Visit Site

Sum it Up

Choosing a winner between Kasamba and Keen was difficult because both services came close in most of the categories we reviewed them in. Kasamba offers a cleaner user interface, a great introductory plan, and some of the most unique categories available through mediums today. Keen, on the other hand, makes communication more accessible, and with more than 1,000 psychic readers, there is no chance you won’t find a good match within their network. At the end of the day, the right psychic reader service that’s best for you will depend on your style of preference, but Keen wins out, just by a hairsbreadth, for phone chat accessibility.

Overall winner: Keen 

Keen Keen Visit Site

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