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People have always sought out ways to unlock the mysteries of what the future holds. Some seek answers in the council of a loved one, a parent, a therapist, a self-help book or just the simple bliss of getting lost in the great outdoors.

One of the main avenues for answers is through the help of a professional fortune teller. The digital age has brought countless new ways to get connected with online fortune tellers including by chat, phone and video.

What Is a Fortune Teller?

When it comes to fortune tellers, chances are you already have an image in your head—a middle-aged woman with a mysterious accent, hunched over a table in a dimly-lit room that smells of incense and mildew, while a glowing orb pulsates between her hands.

This television stereotype works because well, it’s telegenic. Truth be told, there are all types of specialists that fall under the umbrella of “fortune teller,” and don’t fit this mold. Some fortune tellers use a palm reading to tell your fortune, while others may deploy tarot cards, numerology, crystals, or may even read the grounds in the bottom of your cup of coffee. What these methods have in common is that they help the psychic reader block out the background noise and distractions, and follow a path that can give you answers.

What Types of Fortune Readings Can I Try?

There is no single “type” of fortune teller customer. Often the only common denominator is a desire to know a little bit more about what to expect from your love life or career, and to get some answers and peace of mind.

One of the most popular forms of fortune readings is what's known as a “love reading.” Love predictions are mean to give you answers about what to expect from your future partner, if your current one will go the distance, when you’ll get married, and more.

Dream interpretation can take the technicolor mosaics of your slumber and try to make sense of it all, wheel tarot cards use a centuries old stack of cards to form a prediction of the future.

None of these methods are exact sciences and should be taken with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, they all have something in common—they are popular with people who are looking for answers about their love life and their personal and professional future. If you’re looking for answers and are fed up or just don’t want to speak to loved ones or a therapist, then a fortune reading can be a fun and therapeutic experience.

How to Compare Online Fortune Telling Sites

Like any product or service online, you’re going to want to start out by looking at reviews. Most major psychic reading sites include hundreds of fortune tellers—or more—and each one has a personal profile that includes reviews, ratings, and customer comments. You can also read about specific sites and see what users say.

You also need to determine what you’re looking for and what you like. Does the site allow video chat? Are the first minutes free? If you’re unsatisfied is there a money-back guarantee? Do you have to do the reading by voice or can you text? There are all types of features on your typical fortune telling website, it’s up to you to decide what you need and what you don’t.

So, What Happens Next?

Well, we aren’t fortune tellers so we can’t say. But now that you know a little more about the world of online fortune tellers, you should be more prepared than ever to try out a session of your own. So just lean back, breathe deep, and enjoy the ride.