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Online medium readings are a path to connect with spirits that are no longer living inside bodies.
We’ve ranked and reviewed the top medium options to help you choose the right path for you.


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We’ve all been molded and inspired by those who came before us, and those who graced our lives and passed on. The wisdom of those loved ones, the questions never asked, and the things left unsaid, can make a major emotional and psychological impact on our hearts and our daily lives.

If you want to reach out and try to connect with those who have passed on, you might want to speak to a psychic medium. These psychic readers specialize in reaching beyond the ether of our daily lives to attempt to connect with those who have passed from their earthly bonds.

What Is a Psychic Medium?

Typically when we think of mediums it is in the context of a psychic meeting with a customer looking to communicate with a long-lost loved one, by way of energies, spirits, and clairvoyant abilities. Psychic mediums read your spiritual energies in order to learn about your past and present, and communicate with the spirits of the deceased.

Why Should I Meet with a Medium?

Like with other psychic readings, people usually go to a medium when they’re looking for answers. This is because mediums glean insight from energy, spirits and other supernatural forces that are invisible to the naked eye. If you’re facing a tough or confusing time in your life, you may find tranquility—if not answers—in such a reading.

People dealing with loss or the pain of things left unsaid may want to meet with a medium in an attempt to send a message to the other side, using a medium as their vessel.

How to Choose an Online Medium

First things first, you’re in luck. There are more websites offering readings with mediums than ever before and it’s never been easier to compare mediums. On most sites you should be able to see the personal profiles of professional mediums—including user reviews and ratings—and decide for yourself which one you think you’ll click with.

Keep in mind that people don’t just become a medium overnight. It typically takes years of practice and study—not to mention special interpersonal skills—so take a look and see that the person has the experience you should expect. Also take a look at the flexibility of the sessions and if the price is right for you.

For more information on the various medium networks, check out reviews of the top psychic reading sites.

Get in Touch with a Medium

If you’ve decided to speak to a medium then you’re already on your way to a unique and enlightening experience. Your first move should be to open your mind and go with the flow—if you’ve gotten this far there’s no sense in being a skeptic, so just try to enjoy the experience.

Take a look at some of these leading psychic reading websites and you should be able to find the medium that matches what you’re looking for.