Overview focuses on instant online astrology reports so you can see your personalized, in-depth horoscopes and forecasts, including free reports.

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  • Focuses on astrology, for those who want in-depth horoscopes

  • Instant online access to astrology and tarot reports

  • Some free astrology reading services


  • A great resource for those interested specifically in astrology

  • Also offers digital tarot readings, with reports limited to major arcana cards

  • Offers some free readings and reports

  • Reports delivered online instantly, and some emailed so you can save them


  • Live psychic reader services are through Keen affiliation, not in-house

  • Astrology and tarot reports and readings use software rather than live advisors, and similar reports can be found for free on other sites

  • Questionable interpretations of some tarot cards

Psychic Selection Pool doesn’t offer their own live psychic readings, but acts as an affiliate for Keen (another psychic reading and astrology site), so it’s best to refer to their reviews for a live advisor sessions.

The site also offers in-depth astrology reports for guidance, which are delivered digitally online and via email. With instant delivery, these are reports generated through specialized software rather than an astrologer creating them by hand. Not that software generated reports can’t give great insight, but be aware you aren’t purchasing an astrologer’s services directly.

Choosing a reliable and accurate Psychic

As previously noted, astrology reports are generated via software, and the live readings through Keen. To select a psychic you will be redirected to Keen where you can see a list of reviews. The good news is that the top rated psychics here have anywhere up to 40,000 independent reviews and the feedback from customers is clearly listed. This means you can select the psychic with the best feedback in the area you are interested in.

Pricing Structure

There’s a flat rate for some online services, with a small selection of free reports. Unfortunately, some of the digital readings charge as much or more than a live reading might cost, and similar software-generated reports can be found for free online at other sites.

Pricing structure for live psychic readings are per Keen, but it’s worth noting that as of this writing, the 10 minutes for $1.99 link (that’s total, not per minute) connects you to that special offer, which only seems to be available through special affiliate links.

Method of Communication

Astrology and tarot readings are given by inputting your personal data, which creates a digital report that you can view online and is also emailed to you for reference.

Guarantees and Refunds

No refund or guarantee info can be found regarding digital readings and reports, but the live psychic readings through Keen does offer a guarantee per the Keen review.


Comparing to traditional psychic reading websites is a little like comparing apples to oranges, or written astrology reports to live tarot readings, as it were. The link for live psychic readings is an affiliate of Keen, and their other reading services are astrology reports and digital tarot “readings” that can be viewed online through software that creates the reports. Digital readings such as these can have value, but may not be the live interaction many customers are looking for in a psychic service.

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