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Love is complicated, mysterious, and the key to so much of our happiness. The psychic advisors on Keen specialize in love and relationships and use tarot readings, astrology, channeling, and a whole host of other psychic skills to help you in your journey. Keen psychics are available 24/7 by phone, chat, or through the Keen mobile app. The site empowers customers by helping them answer their most pressing questions—and has hosted more than 35 million conversations.

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  • Money-back guarantee

  • Affordable rates - as low as $1.99

  • Psychic advisors available 24/7 by phone, chat or Keen app

  • “Arrange a Call” feature has your favorite advisor call you back

  • See real customer feedback and reviews for every psychic


  • Search function is somewhat limited - can be hard to narrow down results

  • No video chat option

  • Screening not as rigorous as some other psychic reading networks

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Psychic Screening Process

Keen features hundreds of psychic readers, but the screening process is different to many other sites. Prospective psychics contact Keen and are allowed to create their own listing, which can take only a matter of minutes. The psychic is then given a toll free number and can start receiving calls.

The screening process is done on a sort of crowdsourcing basis. Users can post reviews on psychics and decide which psychics to use based on previous reviews. It’s not as rigid as on other sites, but it allows users to create their own quality control.

Types of Psychics & Services

  • Psychic Readings: Keen has hundreds of psychic readers available to give advice on all types of matters of the heart, and can also give you insight into your professional life and others areas where you may be looking for answers.

  • Love & Relationships: Keen puts a big emphasis on helping people solve the riddles of love. You can find a wide variety of advisors who are well-experienced in dealing with matters of the heart. This can be whether or not a relationship has a future, if your new squeeze is ready to move on, or if your days of being alone are going to end soon.

  • Life Questions: When you’re facing a major junction in life, it can be tough to go it alone. This can be a career change, a move, or any number of big decisions that can be overwhelming. On Keen, you can find advisors who can take a look at what you’re facing, and help you get some peace of mind.

  • Tarot Readings: A tarot reading is a time-tested way to answer questions about yourself. Though often mistakenly seen as a way of predicting the future, tarot readings actually allow a trained reader to learn about the client and reveal things they maybe didn’t know about themselves.

  • Spiritual Readings: In the office and out in traffic, we tend to think that the material world is all there is. Psychic readers who specialize in the spiritual world, peel back the material layer and give us a window into the spiritual realm that surrounds us. These readings can show a greater meaning to life, in the layers of spirituality that surround us at all times.

  • Psychic Mediums: Nothing can compare to losing a loved one. Beyond the heartache, there’s often the feeling of missed opportunity – all the questions left unasked and all the things we wish we’d said. While you may never find the answers to the questions you never asked, a medium can offer to pass onto the other side and communicate with the ones you’ve lost.

  • Other Categories: Keen hosts psychics specializing in financial advice, numerology, pet psychic readings, Feng Shui advisors, dream interpretation, and a variety of Astrology from Mayan to Chinese. In addition, the site also provides answers to Spanish-speaking clients, with “psiquicos” available to help those who prefer their reading in Spanish.


Pricing & Special Offers

Keen allows you to start using the site with risk-free pricing. The site will give you 3 minutes for free, and some psychics offer an initial rate of 10 minutes for $1.99.

As opposed to a standard pricing plan, the site is a collection of independent contractors who charge their own rates. This ranges from as cheap as $1.99 per minute to some psychics who charge as much as $34 per minute. Most advisors are in the far more affordable range of between $2-$10 per minute.

Whichever psychic you contact, know that if you aren’t happy with the reading you can make use of the refund policy, which credits your account (up to $25). You must fill out the relevant support form within 72 hours of the reading and you are limited to only one refund or credit every 30 days.

What’s Unique About Keen?

Crowd-sourced psychic readings

Keen uses customer feedback to rank psychics, meaning that you’re not just selecting from a list of psychics arbitrarily picked by the website. Instead, you can instantly search the most popular and highly rated psychics in every category and make your selection. You can then be part of the process afterwards by leaving a positive or negative response.

Call back option

If a psychic reader isn’t available, you can take advantage of the callback option. Simply make a call back request and your psychic will call when they are free. Making the request is done by clicking a box next to the psychic’s listing title, which will take you to a menu where you write how long you’re willing to wait. This option keeps you from missing out on a reading and should ensure that if you’ve built up a relationship with a particular reader, you’ll be able to reach them when needed.

Satisfaction guarantee

Keen offers a satisfaction guarantee – though there are some caveats. You have to fill out the request within 72 hours of the psychic session, you can only file one a month, and if approved, you get up to a $25 credit to your account, not cash back. Nonetheless, if you’re testing out different psychics, knowing that you can get the session credited to your account if you aren’t happy should make the decision easier.


Ann - "I have been a Keen customer for years! There is a wide variety of great psychics/tarot readers (especially) and an astrologer or two who have provided me with excellent information!"

Paul B - "Their psychics try hard but it is really hit or miss. Mostly guessing in my opinion."


Customer Support

If you have any questions regarding your account or you’d like some advice about psychic readings, you can find answers to most questions on Keen’s knowledge base or in the blog and articles the company publishes.

If not, you can make use of the customer support form online to file a query, or call customer service during regular business hours (Pacific Time) at 1-877-533-6435.

If you’d like to request a refund for any psychic reading, you can make use of the satisfaction guarantee by filling out a refund request on a special online form on the company’s website.

Bottom Line

Keen offers a novel approach to psychic reading that sets it apart from much of the competition. Through the use of customer feedback, users are able to determine for themselves which psychics are the best option for them. This is what makes it in many ways a user-guided psychic readings website. If you’re looking for answers, with Keen there’s a strong chance you’ve come to the right place.

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