Psychic Readings 121 Review

Executive summary

You won’t find a lower rate than Psychic Readings 121, but will you get great service? Take a gamble on finding both for only $1.00 per minute.

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Psychic Readings 121 Highlights

  • Lowest flat rate for psychic readings you’ll find anywhere online

  • Multiple sites and advisors available

  • New customers get 30 minutes for only $22.50


  • All psychics charge only $1.00 per minute

  • A large selection of psychics to choose from in many specialities

  • You can pay with all major credit cards plus Paypal


  • No guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your reading

  • Minimal screening of psychics and tarot readers before hire

  • Limited information on individual readers on their profiles

  • Anyone can leave feedback, making reviews unreliable

Psychic Selection Pool

Psychic Readings 121 has multiple sites employing a large number of advisors, all of which go through the same application process. Unfortunately, that application process doesn’t screen potential advisors as thoroughly as many other companies. While the bargain-basement rates are great for customers, they’re not going to attract the most talented psychic readers looking for employment. You know that old saying, you get what you pay for? Keep that in mind if you choose Psychic Readings 121.

Choosing a reliable and accurate Psychic

You can narrow down your search for particular psychics to some degree by using a set of search terms in the left sidebar of the website, but once you start looking at individual profiles, you’ll find very limited information on individual psychic readers. Also note that there is a section on each profile to leave feedback that is open to the public and anyone can write a review. That means you really can’t trust any review you read, because this allows a psychic to have friends and family post glowing reviews without even getting a reading.

Pricing Structure

The pricing structure is definitely Psychic Readings 121’s greatest strength, with that awesome rate of only $1.00 per minute for all psychic advisors. This is the perfect site if you just want to get a reading for fun and aren’t taking it seriously, but might not be the best choice if you want to develop a long-term psychic relationship for guidance in serious matters.

Method of Communication

Psychic readings are done by telephone after you purchase minutes, and you use pin numbers to select Individual psychic readers. No chat or email options are available for psychic readings.

Guarantees and Refunds

Absolutely no guarantees or options for getting a credit or money back are listed on the site. Given the difficulty of speaking with a live customer service representative and this fact, it seems fair to presume that if you aren’t happy with the reading, you are never going to see that investment again. If a reading is not going well, it’s best to end it as soon as possible to limit your financial loss.


Everyone loves a good bargain, but sometimes the lowest priced services also offer the lowest value. You may get lucky and find a great psychic on Psychic Readings 121 that you feel comfortable going to again and again for advice, but the potential for less skilled advisors and scam artists runs pretty high here, so buyer beware.

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